Academic Pathway
General English Foundation
This 8-week program provides students with a solid foundation in the English language. Through core classes, students receive instruction on the essentials of the four language skills and grammar. Students are also given a choice of elective classes in order to focus on speaking skills, writing skills, or both.  

UCTP – Integrated Academics

This 48-week program provides three stages of comprehensive academic preparation for students planning to study in a Canadian college or university. The first stage provides the full benefits of the University College Transfer Program. The second stage offers students the opportunity to refine writing skills by studying mechanics, writing styles, and the editing process. Finally, in the third stage, students work to refine their speaking skills by studying North American culture and social customs, features of pronunciation such as rhythm and intonation, and the art of public speaking. This combination ensures that students are prepared for life in higher education, both academically and socially. Graduates from this program meet the English requirements at our partner colleges.