General English (Core)
General English Programs are for all students from beginner to advanced levels, and this is the best way to start studying in Canada. 

  • Improve core English language skills
  • Become more accurate when speaking and writing
  • Learn the fundamentals of English grammar
  • Gain fluency and confidence

Core Courses (Levels 1 – 10)  

  • Integrated Skills: Develops students’ abilities to synthesize information from reading and listening materials into their speaking and writing.

  • Communicative Grammar: Follows a communicative approach to help students learn the rules and functions of grammar. Students also bridge the gap between understanding English grammar theory and applying grammar correctly in speaking and writing.  

  • Communication: Is a theme-based class designed to teach students the characteristics of native-speaker communication, enabling them to communicate in a fluent and natural way. The class also uses a project-based learning structure designed to encourage students to work together in order to accomplish concrete goals in English.

  • Conversation: Is a skills-based class that teaches students functional language and expressions that will enable them to converse clearly in a variety of everyday situations.  Students will also practice body language, tone, and use of the correct register for a given situation.